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Data Solutions and Reporting

Data solutions is our area of expertise. We have a unique ability to look at a data process and find a faster and more efficent way to complete it. Sometimes this is as simple as changing the flow of data. Other times it will require a new application to be built to replace the old process. If you have ever had a data process that required multiple copy/paste from one system to another, we can help you.

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Desktop Software

In the age of the cloud and mobile applications, is it really necessary to develop a desktop application? Yes, especially if security is a concern. A hacker would need to get behind your firewall in order to reach your application. Other than for security, a desktop application is a faster and more efficient method for storing and accessing data than using Excel spreadsheets. An example would be if 20 people need to enter data into the same Excel spreadsheet by noon, but with Excel, only one person can be in the spreadsheet at a time. A VB.Net application would allow all 12 people to input their data and save it at the same time.

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Web Design and Development

We offer several different packages for web design and development at a fraction of what most onine designers charge. We don't do this because we are inexperienced, we have over 15 years experience, but because we don't believe in over charging for something that only takes a few hours to complete. We built this website in less than two days.

  • Personal Web Package
  • Basic Web Package
  • Basic 10 Web Package
  • Custom Domains
  • Hosting Plans
  • Site Maintenance

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Mobile Applications

We will be the first to admit that we are not as experienced at mobile development as we are at the other services we provide. We have created a few Android apps using a program called B4A but nothing that we want to brag about. We have recently switched to a new platform called Flutter, which was developed by Google. Flutter will allow us to write code once and then export it to Android, ios, and the web. We are excited about Flutter and hope to have some real applications that we can showcase in the near future.

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Software Training

Our software training courses are designed to provide detailed instructions for all usesrs from beginner to advanced. We offer training for the following applications:

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Excel VBA
  • Microsoft Word

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